Product Launch Program Testimonial - Undine Creator Cosmetics
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program affordable? We have flexible pricing options geared towards small brands and entrepreneurs.

Is the formula really custom? We provide a Concept Brief that allows you to control every aspect of the product you have in mind, we bring it all together.

How can I use this program? We serve as your launchpad from concept to on the shelf, and everywhere in between.

What is the rest of the timeline? The full scope of our Product Launch Program usually takes about 16 weeks.

Will I retain ownership of the formula? Always.

Is testing included? Yes! We include Stability, Component Compatiblity, and Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing.

What steps should I take? Check out our resources.

Are there other options other than the program? Yes, reach out and ask about our private and white label options.

Product Launch Program Testimonial - Undine Creator Cosmetics

Our Product Launch Program is how Personal Care brands test the market.

Let's start creating your Product Launch Roadmap. Click below to fill out our Product Launch Assessment and get a Concept Brief to your email.