Why Should You Choose Flex Cosmetics

Why Should You Choose Flex Cosmetics

by Michael Lorence (https://linktr.ee/melorence1) and Emerson Bossi (bossiwriter.com/)

Flex Cosmetics was envisioned and built by entrepreneurs who value science, quality, and accessibility. Our mission is to create an extensive network of entrepreneurs, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals along the entire supply chain to lower the entry barrier to the personal care industry. We want to make it possible for individuals to bring their own personal care ideas to life by utilizing our labs, equipment, expertise, and professionals.

More Than Cosmetics, We Provide Value

We’re not only worried about the final product you get when working with us at Flex Cosmetics. We also would like you to understand the development process, the personal care market's ins and outs, and product nuances.

We will continue to periodically release educational articles with development tips and insider information on product details, product testing, and more. Additionally, we'll have articles explaining how we deal with common and difficult challenges like raw material sourcing and tracking down suppliers to ensure sustainable production.

These content releases will be the foundation to a hub of valuable information online on our website, all in one place and easily accessible for everyone.

The Experience to Take Your Idea to The Next Level

Our team has trained professionals that have worked in the industry for several years. They’ve gathered hands-on experience in every aspect of personal care product development and manufacturing.

We’ve partnered with several notable brands to assist our clients in bringing hundreds of personal care products to life. Thanks to the thousands of hours of experience in product development and formulating products, we can ensure the final result meets all of the client’s needs.

The Philosophy Behind Flex Cosmetics

Here at Flex Cosmetics, we believe that the best approach to community building can be inspired by marketing powerhouses. It's clear to us that the best way to build a large following, and get our products and services to those who need it most, is to consistently provide value with high-quality information.

We aim to prove that a partnership with Flex Cosmetics is a massive addition to our customer's projects. We intend to make your personal care project the best it can be. We'll help you understand what you're building and how you can get the most out of your products with our equipment and professionals.

We pride ourselves in our ability to be flexible, agile, and solve just about any issue within our niche. The name Flex Cosmetics reflects our flexibility, confidence, and complete commitment to every project our customers develop together with us.

The Mind Behind Flex Cosmetics

Flex Cosmetics was founded by Michael Lorence, entrepreneur, lead chemist, and process engineer. After dedicating many years of his life to it, he intimately knows the personal care industry. Michael spearheads Flex Cosmetics as a builder and visionary. Here are a few words from him:

"Throughout my career, I've worked as both a chemist and project manager, but more than a chemist, I believe a more accurate description of my job is that I am a troubleshooter. I say that because, in my years in the industry, I've been in contact with every part of the supply chain. I've experienced and dealt with a vast array of issues that needed to be fixed fast and well.

These opportunities helped me really develop myself as a chemist, as they gave me plenty of real-world experience to strengthen my problem-solving skills, which gave me the confidence to troubleshoot and solve any issue thrown at me. I would take it a step further by saying that I have total confidence to take on, troubleshoot, and develop any project in the personal care industry."

So if you want a laboratory with your best interest at heart, you will feel right at home working with us. We can accommodate any project and give you all of the tools to develop it and help steer the project with expert counsel.


Flex Cosmetics is a positive force on your project. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, an industry professional, or an entrepreneur, we value you and your team.

Flex offers valuable services and helps bridge the gap between professionals and entrepreneurs. Additionally, we offer high-quality educational content and media creation for those that want to take their products to the next level. This content will be released regularly, so be sure to keep an eye on our website for more.

By sticking with us at Flex Cosmetics, you can be sure that you will have a laboratory that constantly improves, provides value, and focuses on giving you the most for your investment. Contact our team at Flex Cosmetics today and schedule a meeting if you'd like to know more.

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