• Extensive experience in Research & Development of cosmetics from every realm of the Personal Care Industry

    Our product development services are capable of delivering results that stem from a simple thought and carry through the research, experimentation, and engineering that is required to turn that thought into a customized cosmetic product.

    No product concept is out of reach at Flex Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on our ability to formulate and execute products in the realms of color, hair care, skin care, pet care, and anything you as the creative can think of. This capability is the product of diligent research, careful experimentation, and efficient communication with our customers. 

  • Custom Formula & No-MOQ Manufacturing

    Flexibility in the business of Cosmetics.

    Flex Cosmetics was formed in 2019 when we saw a need for people to have their products formulated effectively, efficiently, and extensively. Our answer was widely accessible product development services - no shortcuts, and defined by providing physical products and complete informational delivery. There is no limit on adjustments, samples, or communication. Your formula is developed until it is optimized, tested until it is guaranteed, and documented to make it yours

    Our flexibility extends beyond our processes and into our product reach, much like them, there is no limit. By relentlessly researching, innovating, and problem-solving, if our creative customers can think of it - we can develop it. 

  • Your own Product Incubator.

    Our development process doesn’t stop there - we offer our facility as your own product incubator or cosmetic kitchen. We want to provide anyone with the ability to bring their custom formula to life by testing the market in their own way. We do so by maintaining our flexibility and providing yours, there is no minimum order quantity on your product. 

    We work with all levels of professionals, from those who want to legitimize their DIY products and processes, to established brands and manufacturers that need a fully functional, turnkey lab for Research & Development.

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