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Flex Cosmetics has several services to help you with your personal care and cosmetic products. We can develop products from scratch, reverse engineer, test products, and source raw materials. All while offering no Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) manufacturing. Flex Cosmetics wants you to have the best products of the highest quality without the need to overspend on large orders.

When working with us, the process can be broken down into four different phases:

Product Development

The product development phase aims to bridge the gap between the chemist and visionary. 

This phase is all about understanding the goal of the product and the client's specifications. To achieve that, we first sit down with the client to discuss:

Finer details


Final product's vision

These steps help us streamline the process to reduce wasted time and resources where it's not needed. It makes everything faster and more efficient for the client and us.

Testing, Finalization, and Documentation

Flex Cosmetics charges a flat rate per test during the testing phase of development. 

The tests include a detailed breakdown of stability, component compatibility, antimicrobial effectiveness, and more.

After testing, we document your entire formula. Then, we turn it into a tangible asset in the form of PIF files. 

The files have all the information about the product, including manufacturing instructions, detailed cost breakdown, testing results separated by test, requested market claims, composition breakdown, and any required regulatory data.

Once the client approves the documentation, we deliver the finalized formula, detailed documentation, and then produce a pilot batch following the PIF files specifications.

Raw Material Investment

Flex Cosmetics is responsible for streamlining the raw material sourcing during the raw material phase. 

To speed up this phase, we provide a Bill of Materials (BOM), facilitate all the ingredients detailed in the bill, warehouse them, and maintain the inventory by tracking any changes.

The process is done at a flat rate that changes based on material and transportations costs. All the costs can be quoted once the Bill of Materials (BOM) is ready.


Flex Cosmetics is one of the few companies in the market providing a no minimum order quantity (MOQ) manufacturing policy. So you're free to choose exactly how many units you need as you test the market trends.

After you approve the product formula and have the Bill of Materials (BOM) ready, we can provide you with an accurate price per unit. We can also assist in picking the correct packaging solution for your product, ensuring safer transportation, and ensuring efficient product application.

  • The product development process is straightforward and can be divided into five steps to streamline manufacturing and conceptualization while reducing costs.

  • Get In Touch

    The first step is getting in touch. After you contact us, we'll get back to you via email or a call to set up a day and time for the onboarding call. 

    We'll ask you to fill out a concept brief to collect all the necessary information about the product, project, and client's goal during this call. 

    We utilize the detailed information in the concept brief to bridge the gap between chemist and visionary and guarantee that both are on the same page.

    The brief includes questions about marketing, texture, color, fragrance, packaging, target audience, and more. It also has a section where you can write about additional specifications, products you'd like to use as inspiration, and any additional notes that may not be covered in the questions.

    You can check out more about our concept brief at Building Your Concept Brief with Flex Cosmetics.

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  • Benchmark Submission

    After understanding the client's needs, we move to benchmark and sample submission. 

    In this step, we use the information provided in the concept brief to select the materials required for product development. Then, we utilize our experience and expertise to select the best products to attain the client's specifications.

  • Theoretical Formulation

    With all the correct materials for the project ready, we move on to the theoretical formulation and product regulation. Here we'll deal with market regulations and source optimization, and it's one of the more difficult steps in production. 

    To streamline this step, we have partnered with several people in the industry, which decreases time spent on bureaucracy.

    We like to hit up our partners during the theoretical formulation phase. So by the time the regulatory work is over, we have had time to do most if not all of the theoretical labor before we begin experimentation.

  • Raw Material Facilitation

    In this step, we facilitate the raw material samples used during development. We also track all materials, their cost, and their quantities. All of this helps with the regulatory process.

    So if the legal team requires any additional information about pricing or materials, all the information will be readily available.

  • Experimentation

    After finishing material optimization, regulatory approval, and experimentation, we take the finished theoretical formula, create samples, and submit them to the customer for approval.

    If the results are satisfactory, we compile all the info necessary for manufacturing and finalize ingredient sourcing.

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Making Better Products for Less with Flex Cosmetics

When developing your line of personal care or cosmetic products, many of the costs and headaches come from product transportation, failed batches, forced MOQ, poor documentation, regulatory issues, and more.

Flex Cosmetics has a complete network of professionals, chemists, and experts to make formulating, documenting, and delivering your product as painless as possible at affordable prices. We can work with customers of any size, so if you want to hire our services or have more questions about our process, contact us to set up an onboarding call.