The Process Behind Flex Cosmetic's First Collection - Part Two

The Process Behind Flex Cosmetic's First Collection - Part Two

What Can You Expect from The Collection

Skincare was previously taboo amongst men. However, today men are more worried about their looks and youth, making the topic a growing trend in the cosmetic industry. So our first collection is going to be geared towards men's skincare routine. 

We want the collection to be heavily focused on modern men but still flexible enough to be used by anyone. The idea is to channel our struggles and experiences to create products that can speak to people, creating a stronger connection between brand and customer.

When it comes to the products, we believe that a simple yet effective skincare routine uses a daily SPF moisturizer, a night treatment, followed by a mild face cleanser, and then an exfoliator. So you can expect all those items to be in our first collection.

How We Leverage Experience to Make Superior Products

We have a vast background in soft focus materials and color cosmetics and we intend to use our experience and technique to produce a refined moisturizer and SPF. 

The idea is to create a green concept for the moisturizer, which can be applied daily and helps with skin redness while acting as a face corrector for the pores. Additionally, the product is flexible enough to be used as the ultimate all-in-one daily moisturizer with a mineral SPF 15 protection.

While it may sound difficult to make something so flexible, we're confident we can make it by reaching through our background and using certain emulsifiers to attain specific trending textures. We also want these textures to fit the current application trends while being compatible with efficient packaging.

Ingredients and Their Function

After setting the texture, we can determine the ingredients to attain the features we want for the product. To achieve our goals, we plan to use a green colorant for looks, a green interference to help with the redness, zinc oxide for the SPF, a fragrance to set the tone, some skin conditioning extracts, and trending emollients

With all the ingredients ready, it's a matter of fitting them in a trending cosmetic vehicle and weigh out the best option in terms of emulsifiers, viscosity, and rheology modifiers. 

Finally, after structuring the idea, we plan to use our experience to convert the concept into a theoretical formula, gather ingredients, and move on to the bench.

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