The Flex Project

The Flex Project

by Michael Lorence ( and Emerson Bossi (

At its core, Flex Cosmetics is a business based on providing research, development, and consulting services to brands, entrepreneurs, and DIY enthusiasts. Today, we are expanding our services to become a multi-dimensional platform to serve clients of any size.

We want to go beyond just our services, however. We believe we can provide more to our clients by creating a platform that serves as a networking exchange hub where you can find a marketplace, articles on the industry, connect to other companies, and find the services needed for your project.

The Importance of Networking in the Personal Care Market

I am Michael Lorence, the founder and visionary behind Flex Cosmetics. The Flex Project is my creative outlet and where I channel my time, effort, and research to improve upon what I've built.

Networking is the most important skill in business, career, and even personal development. One of the main ideas behind The Flex Project is to ensure our clients can enjoy the expansive network of contacts and services we've built. 

With this network, we can serve both clients and professionals across the entire supply chain like cosmetic ambassadors, product manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and more. It's a great way to boost their visibility, improve market performance, manufacture better products, or streamline manufacturing as a whole.

How Our Services Streamline Production

When choosing Flex Cosmetics, you're hiring our expertise in providing turnkey services and solutions. We can quickly and safely formulate products, reverse engineer an existing product, design packaging, document your formula, and even make it into a shareable asset.

So if you need anything in the personal care or cosmetics supply chain, we can make it. Moreover, we can do it fast, safely, and in a well-documented manner, ensuring you can produce future batches, properly scale your formula, or order raw materials much quicker. 

Providing Value Beyond Production

Our job doesn't end after creating a formula, manufacturing a product, or documenting a cosmetic. I believe in growing along with our clients. That's why we want to provide value in the form of contacts, networking, and informative content.

My belief in providing value on top of our services is something our team is constantly improving upon as we learn together how to give more back to clients, the community, and professionals working with us.

Shaping the Future of Flex Cosmetics

Branding, strategy, planning, and everything that is Flex Cosmetics' lifeblood comes from my vision and the influence of professionals working with me. In addition, I am constantly studying to improve upon The Flex Project, exploring subjects like personal finance, philosophy, business, science, and personal development to find new ways to innovate. 

These studies helped me build a clear idea of what I want Flex Cosmetics to be and how to get there. When creating partnerships with large manufacturers, we can exercise our vision by creating a reliable pipeline that can aid our clients in manufacturing their products without minimum order quantity (MOQ) while also providing quality and speed.

How I Arrived at Our Current Strategy

My strategy of providing value and building a network for our clients was born of a need to consolidate Flex Cosmetics as a solid and competitive company in the personal care and cosmetic market. So this pipeline strategy where we create partnerships to provide value to our clients was vital in improving the whole process.

It's only after working closely with our partners and clients and hearing about their issues that the idea consolidated itself as a need. Providing holistic access to the industry and services was something everyone needed, and I am determined to create a way to do it using our tools, contacts, and expertise.

Then, when reflecting upon the strategy, I noticed I wanted Flex to go beyond a service provider. Flex needed to offer more value for those who hire our services. It needed to provide an expanded network of professionals, in-depth and detailed information on the industry, and forge new partnerships. And I aim to achieve all of that with The Flex Project.

Moving Forward

There's a lot more Flex Cosmetics can do to provide value to our clients. And there are still many ideas we would like to experiment with, so we are doing everything in our power to bring them to you in the future. 

Our first steps towards that goal are a marketplace with digital and physical goods, an ever-expansive professional network, and an idea incubator to aid our clients.

But that's just the beginning. We won't settle for anything less than the highest quality in everything we do, be it service, content, product, or anything else our clients might need. So if you want to be part of a brighter future for everyone in the supply chain, consider subscribing to our blog, following us on our social networks, or reaching out by email or phone.

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