An Introduction To Flex Cosmetics

An Introduction To Flex Cosmetics

by Michael Lorence (

What We Do

Flex Cosmetics is a project  that aims to build a community of partners in the Personal Care Industry that includes DIY consumers, aspiring entrepreneurs, established brands, and manufacturers. We contribute to our network by providing state of the art, on-trend, custom formulations and turnkey solutions for any product or concept. Our focus is to use our expertise and leverage our network to incubate small projects to lower the barrier to entry to the personal care marketplace. We also maintain a portfolio of proven and tested formulas to use as inspiration for our network or to serve as private label solutions.

Additionally, we work to help educate and close the gap between insider information and general knowledge. In doing this, we hope to inspire more educated research and DIY projects by supplying the tools needed for anyone interested in researching and/or developing their own products. 

We aim to achieve this by using our socials and online channels to create media and publish educational content on formula research, product development, manufacturing, production, and scaling. We’ll also be spending time building a community on Discord and making ourselves available for conversation to create opportunities for real-time discussion.

Who We Are

I'm Michael Lorence, since its establishment in 2019, I have been the Owner & Operator of Flex Cosmetics LLC. My background is in chemistry and my experience in the industry defines my entire career as a Product Development Chemist and Project Manager for Personal Care customers. This experience has been cultivated in a setting that has allowed me to be hands-on with every aspect of Product Development in Personal Care and Color Cosmetics, from product concept and testing, to supply chain and scaling. It’s also allowed me to contribute meaningfully to the launch of 100s of products with some amazing partners and brands of all sizes.

My creative ambition and the inspiration for this project comes from my mind’s constant craving for new information. I am always working on something new and the team around me and this project is meant to document the things that I’ve mastered, so I can share them with the community. By trade, I’m a Chemist, but on off hours, I’m a learner, a listener, and a thinker. 

More importantly, our team is composed of industry experts and entrepreneurs whose goals align with the mission of this project. Our aim is to serve our network with educational and practical tools surrounding the industry.

We’re driven professionals trying to navigate the current landscape, just like everyone else. While we focus mostly on the Personal Care industry, we spend our free time learning about ourselves and everything around us, trying to master personal and business development and put ideas into practice. We want to contribute all of our expertise to the community, so while it will always be focused on the Personal Care industry, we will be sharing things in all areas of life. Personal Development, Mindfulness, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, and anything that we think we can share that will provide value to our network. 

Get In Touch!

I invite you to join our Discord channel ( or schedule time with us directly to discuss DIY or potential professional development. You can also reach out to us through other social media platforms of your preference, like Facebook or Instagram! And please, don't forget to share the page with a friend who might be interested and leave a comment!

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