Singaporean Brand Makes Travel Easier with Waterless Cosmetic Products

Singaporean Brand Makes Travel Easier with Waterless Cosmetic Products

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A Singaporean brand is seizing the opportunity of growing in the middle of the pandemic by developing waterless travel-friendly cosmetics. As a result, international traveling is coming back, and the brand is getting ready to reach the travel and hospitality sectors with its products.


The Brand

Launched in 2021 by Jerrine Koh and Shanna Ng, the company Quinn & Oliver focuses on making waterless cosmetic products. This focus comes from the founder's vision of working towards a world with more clean water, fewer natural disasters, and higher air purity.


By creating a brand focused on waterless products, they are trying to reduce their environmental impact and leave behind a better world for future generations.


The Products

The flagship cosmetic produced by Quinn & Oliver is a powder body wash the powder becomes a gel when mixed with water, making it easier for the skin to absorb.


But more interesting than the product is the company's packaging design. The products come in a high-quality refillable stainless steel bottle. 


The first purchase may be a little pricier, but every refill afterward is cheaper and leaves customers with a beautiful eco-friendly package.


The refills come in an elegant 30g recyclable aluminum sachet, and after mixing it with water, you get 330ml of product ready to use.


Traveling Light and Sustainable

The company believes in sustainability and practicality. By developing cruelty-free, vegan, all-natural products, they ensure that consumers have a quality product that has a minimal impact on the environment.


Their premium packaging design made the company take a hit on their profits during their development and growth process. However, both founders believed it necessary to make a truly sustainable brand. The result was a brand that delivered quality products with no plastic waste.


The focus on sustainability didn't make the product any less practical. The small design of the refills makes them perfect for traveling. Anyone that ever had to pack a bag full of cosmetics knows how much space they can take, but these products occupy so little space in your bag that you can carry months' worth of powdered cosmetics without an issue.


The Impact of Waterless Products

Quinn & Oliver is a shining example that sustainable companies can be successful, loved by customers, and produce great products. 


The cosmetic industry uses water in many parts of their research, development, and manufacturing process, making the water usage not sustainable in the long term.


By reducing or cutting water from manufacturing, companies can attract a new wave of ecologically conscious customers preoccupied with the planet and environment. So if you're thinking of working in the cosmetic market, investing in sustainability is a great way to improve brand value and reach a larger audience.

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