Amorepacific Launches Sustainable Brand "Longtake" Using Upcycled Materials

Amorepacific Launches Sustainable Brand "Longtake" Using Upcycled Materials

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After observing the increase in demand for sustainable products, the Korean beauty company Amorepacific decided it was time to expand its catalog with a new sustainability-focused brand.

The new brand is called "Longtake" and focuses on clean beauty by using upcycled materials from other industries to give customers a woody scent and fantastic products. 

The philosophy here is to take customers closer to nature and provide relaxation with deep forest scents made cleanly and efficiently. The fragrance is long-lasting and sensual.

Upcycled and Natural Ingredients

To create "Longtake," the company uses upcycled oakwood and sawdust discarded by local sawmills and woodworking shops to repurpose waste into luxurious cosmetics.

Out of the upcycled materials, "Longtake" also uses natural ingredients to achieve the right smell. There are elements of black bean, rose flower extract, and cypress leaf. All ingredients are cleanly sourced and certified vegan.

The sustainability also extends to the brand's packaging. Instead of using plastic, they choose FSC-certified paper to house their products and soybean oil ink for their design.

Longtake Products

Longtake was launched this year, 2022, in April with two hair care lines: Sandalwood and Black Tea. Each has everything you'd need for daily hair care like hair oil, shampoo, and intensive treatment cream.

They're currently having great success with the Sandalwood intensive treatment line. It's popular amongst consumers due to its powerful nutrition aimed at highly damaged hair. The product uses 35,000 ppm of vegetable protein to increase hair resilience and elasticity while decreasing hair breakage.

You can find the new brand both online and in Olive Young's retail stores. If you decide to visit their physical stores, you can ask for a firsthand experience of the scents and textures of this fabulous product.

Brand's Future

The company isn't stopping at hair care, however. They're developing new products to expand the brand to give customers a complete line of sustainable beauty. In addition, they're currently researching and manufacturing body and hand care products that should be released to the public in the second half of 2022.

Amorepacific saw a large market in upcycled and natural fragrances after internal consumer research and surveys point to a decrease in usage of traditional perfumes. Instead, many use body and personal care to express themselves through distinctive and delicate scents.

Longtake Scents

If you're curious if the scents and notes in this new brand are what you're looking for, it's essential for you to know that the most prominent notes are Sandalwood, Lime, and Eucalyptus with a touch of Violet, Iris, and Mint to help with the fresh feeling.

The treatment has different notes, focusing instead on Lemon, Fig tree leaves, and Patchouli and contrasting it with Cedarwood, Black Tea, and Cashmore wood to really bring forward the forest and earthy fragrances to your hair treatment.

Amorepacific's Goal with Longtake

Observing the tense and stressful time brought to all due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company released its On Hope brand in 2021, focusing on mental wellness and relaxation.

The brand heavily focuses on relaxation and self-care, with carefully crafted fragrances to provide customers with a wonderful self-care experience. Additionally, the brand has a robust lineup of products with lotions, hand creams, and soaps.

It's only a matter of time until Amorepacific takes the best of On Hope and brings it to Longtake, slowly becoming a mega-brand inside the company.

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